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I've got someone going over "Simple Matter" one last time for grammar and punctuation. By the time I finished revising the story I'd added 1200 words of dialog and character interaction and cut two fairy godmothers. Tomorrow I will correct the tidbits and then it's out for queries. I'm going to follow advice and start at the top with pro magazines, then work my way down.

What an improvement  

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I used the editor's advice and reworked "Simple Matter" this past week. It's about 900 words longer than before and so much better. Before sending it back to her, I decided to review her advice and look through it one more time. I'm glad I did. Apparently I've learned something. I found even more places that can be expanded into valuable scenes. Plus, I'm tweaking on a sentence level to add power and humor.

I have never been so happy with a story as I am with this one. We'll see if it sells.

Meanwhile, I submitted the first chapter of "Desert Queen" to my writers group for critique. I've already gotten some good questions. I know the story I want this book to tell, but I'm at such a loss for doing a memoir well. I'm sure part of the problem is that I lived this story and know all about it. That makes it easy to leave important things out.

But I'm learning.

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