Not a lot going on  

Posted by Wishwords

"Simple Matter" was rejected by the first publication, as I expected, and sent off to the second. I took advice from one of my more published friends and started at the top of the publishing scale. As she said, "You never know what they are looking for. There is always a possibility that they will say yes to your story." So, I'm being patient and working my way down the list.

Meanwhile, I'm trying my hand at science fiction for the first time. I have a very good start on a short sf story, but it needs a lot of work. I'm also trying some funny horror. I was told once that humor and horror are almost impossible to write, so don't bother. Screw that. I love writing humor and it creeps into almost all of my stories. I can't help it.

Looks like I will be running a Rapid Fire Reading at ApolloCon this year for Broad Universe. This should be interesting.