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I know it's a day late, but here's a cute flash piece I received yesterday. I hope you enjoy it and let the author know.

by T.M. Riddle

As soon as Deena Martin got out of the schoolhouse, she took off her shoes. She hated being cooped up in that place learning things that a body truly didn’t need to know. At least she didn’t. Without looking behind her, she knew that Peter Leary was right on her heels.

The Learys and the Martins had always hated each other, that was a fact, but nowhere was that hate more fierce than between Peter and Deena. Deena’s Momma said they had hated each other right out of their cradles. Deena agreed. She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t loathe the sight of Peter Leary.

One day, Deena didn’t run fast enough. Peter stepped on the back of her heel and she stumbled. That wasn’t enough for Peter. He wouldn’t be happy until she was face down in the dirt. He grabbed the back of her dress to shove her down, but she pulled away. The dress tore and she ran. She never looked back. Deena ran all the way to her house, through the orange grove and to the back porch. She didn’t want Momma to see that her new store bought dress had been ripped, so she snuck in the back to Grandma’s room.

Grandma saw the rip in her dress and knew exactly what had happened without Deena saying a word. As Grandma sewed up the tear, she asked, “Do you want to be well and truly done with Peter Leary?” Deena nodded.

Early in the morning, before anybody else was up, Deena and her Grandma went to the edge of the orange grove. Grandma had a way of calling animals to her. Deena had never questioned it; it was part of who Grandma was. Grandma called a long black snake out of the sandy grasses. Grandma and the snake talked for a while. Then the snake swallowed his tail.

“You put this in your pocket now and you do what I told you.”

After school, instead of running, Deena went up to Peter and said, “I got something to show you out by the heap. “

“You want to see, come out to the heap.”

Peter followed just like Grandma said he would. When they got there Deena climbed to the top of the highest heap.

“I got power over snakes, “ she said, “and if you don’t leave me alone Peter Leary, I’ll make one eat you up.”

Peter Leary and his gang laughed. Deena whispered to the snake and let it go. It rolled down the heap headed straight for Peter Leary. He held his ground for a moment and then started to run. He ran for the scraggly pines just as the snake flung itself at him. The snake stuck to the tree for a minute and then fell off and went on his way. The next day everybody knew about Peter Leary and the snake. He never bothered Deena again, just like Grandma promised.

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I really like the addition of Flash Fiction to your blog. I look forward to more stories bringing these legendary creatures to life!

September 16, 2009 at 10:15 AM

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